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When were the bonds issued?

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Bonds are typically issued 3 to 6 months after voters have approved the referendum. The bonds were issued in two phases: Phase 1 of $70 million dollars was issued in September 2019, and funded the majority of the GO Bond projects. The Phase 2 issuance of the remaining $95 million dollars took place in Summer [...]

Why was a General Obligation Bond proposed?

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The City of Hollywood maintains more than 85 facilities and parks, 400+ miles of streets and alleys, 301 miles of sidewalks and 5+ miles of beach. Each year the City adopts a 5-year plan to address large scale maintenance projects, renovations and construction of new facilities. This allows the City to plan funding for maintenance [...]

How are improvement projects funded?

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The GO Bond improvement projects are funded through a General Obligation Bond (GO Bond). A GO Bond is one way cities fund major construction projects such as roads, parks, drainage, and/or buildings. They are backed by the full faith and credit of the City. The GO Bond will be a 25 year bond that would [...]

How were projects selected?

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Projects were selected based on: Public input – community meetings, advisory boards, commission meeting comments, community surveys Parks Master Plan development process District Commissioner input Needs Assessments Strategic planning process

What are some of the improvement projects funded by the GOB?

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New Hollywood Police Department Headquarters Hollywood Fire Rescue Trucks and Equipment Traffic Calming and Control Measures City-wide Park Improvements Preservation of Open Space through the acquisition of the former Sunset Golf Course and revitalization of Orangebrook and Hollywood Beach Golf Courses Art and Culture Center/Hollywood Multidisciplinary Arts Education Center ArtsPark at Young Circle Improvements Renovation [...]

Hollywood On The Go Goals:

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Every dollar is spent in the City of Hollywood. Improve public safety. Help to increase property values and expand the City’s tax base. Improve quality of life for residents. General Obligation Bonds allow the City to direct significant funding to a large number of complex, large-scale projects sooner, thereby improving the quality of life for [...]

What is the “Hollywood On The Go” General Obligation Bond?

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On March 12, 2019, the City of Hollywood held a Special Election where a majority of voters decided to fund a variety of city-wide public improvement projects through a General Obligation Bond (GO Bond) of $165 million. The bonds cover city-wide improvements in three broad categories: Public Safety Facilities, Technology and Equipment - $78 million [...]

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